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Celebrities have dined at our restaurant.

Honestly, one sentence cannot describe the FOU ZOO experience. Of course, it’s not that we were influenced by your marketing campaign, that´s just the way it is!!! We love dining at FOU ZOO, not just privately, but also for business meetings. I look forward to more wonderful treats !

Tomáš Krčula,  co - owner FH group

To me FOU ZOO  is always an unrepeatable experience. It is my favourite restaurant with a special atmosphere and superb cuisine, a place I always come back to.

Ján Krnáč,  sales director CRESCO group

FOU ZOO restaurant I went to was great. Food was delicious and I would recommend this place to anyone. Being a bodybuilder this was great place to eat healthy and tasty. I would like to thank to FOU ZOO team a lot, and if I´ll go back to Slovakia, I´ll definitely stop by again.

Ronnie Coleman,  bodybuilder, 8 x Mr. Olympia

FOU ZOO has the most elegant food and is the most stylish restaurant we have been to in a very long time! A breath of fresh air in a modern dining. Fantastic evening!

Apollo 440,  music band /UK/

Our kids love ZOO and all of us love FOU ZOO!

Peter Krištofovič with family,  general director SALVE group

I love FOU ZOO... Indescribable...

Anna Amenová,  Miss Universe SR 2010

I discovered in FOU ZOO something, that I can´t forget... Melody of flavor... Thanks

Marián Čekovský, musician

Everytime when I want to relax and have really good food, and really good service, and really good atmosphere I go to FOU ZOO. And that is very often. I´m glad that you are! Lot of luck!  

Adela Banášová, presenter

Every now and then , when I hear ovations about something, I become full of expectations and in many cases I end up dissapointed. I´m glad that you are the exception. Well done! Thank you!

Andy Kraus, scenarist, comedian

Now I know, that food can be "the most". And it is in FOU ZOO. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Táňa Pauhofová, actress

Very rare gastronomical jewel! Top service, outstanding cuisine...more words would have been worthless... BRAVO! THANK YOU!

Tomáš Maštalír, actor

To me FOU ZOO represents the ultimate in perfection. The restaurant has inspired me to do things to the smallest detail. Creators chose only the best elements that together created a world, which once entered will always stay with you, as it has with me

Boris Prekop, bodybuilder

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