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Show your love during Valentine's week

06. 02. 2020

Love is waiting for you at FOU ZOO. Show yourself in "pink" and book HERE a table for romantic time with unique atmosphere. From 10th until 16th of February 2020 you can enjoy not only our rich á la carte offer, but also VALENTINE'S SPECIALS, which will speak for you: Modern bream sashimi 150g... more

New Sunday Brunch

24. 01. 2020

will make each Sunday special thanks to our 7 dish menu for 35 Euro / person. Inviting family members, close and new friends and sharing full table of delicious dishes is the best sign of caring. Before you enjoy our Sunday brunch it is required to book a table  ONLINE , via e-mail or by phone  + 421901747474 .... more

Winter Food Festival 2020

02. 01. 2020

We are happy that our new menu found it's fans in 2019.   Different taste of each meal found it's different clients. That is one of the reasons why we've decided to join the Winter Food Festival in 2020 year. Our door is open to all fans of unexpected taste and food lovers every day. We have a special 4 course degustration menu for... more

Advent menu

07. 12. 2019

Advent is the period of waiting for Christmas – season of peace and joy. We welcome you, to celebrate this time of the year with our special ADVENT MENU offered from 6th to 23rd December 2019. BOOK ADVENT MENU ONLINE HERE For many of us, December is full of meetings with close or distant family members, friends and business... more

Return of the Legends

01. 11. 2019

Dear guests, FOU ZOO has been here for quite a while now and during this time, you had the opportunity to find your favourite dishes. Therefore, we have a special menu for November 2019 – RETURN of the LEGENDS. We are setting up a special menu of the most favourite dishes each week. Dishes that made you fall in love with FOU ZOO.... more

Experience new pallette of taste

14. 10. 2019

Book your table HERE and let our NEW MENU "talk" to you. You will be amazed by variety of new taste of our food prepared by our team under supervision of the chef Michal Takács. Experience new range of food which warms you up, which makes it spicy or which refreshes you. You will find unknown combinations, for regular days or special... more

Italian chef who fell in love with asian cuisine

23. 04. 2018

Fou Zoo was one of the places in which Italian chef Antonio Vacca (28) started his career. He had come to the restaurant before its opening and during his internship he tried out working at every position from dishwasher to cook of every section. After his internship in our restaurant finished in 2011, he moved back abroad. He worked at... more

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