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Experience new pallette of taste

14. 10. 2019

Book your table HERE and let our NEW MENU "talk" to you. You will be amazed by variety of new taste of our food prepared by our team under supervision of the chef Michal Takács....

Italian chef who fell in love with asian cuisine

23. 04. 2018

Fou Zoo was one of the places in which Italian chef Antonio Vacca (28) started his career. He had come to the restaurant before its opening and during his internship he tried out working at...

BELLISSIMA ÁZIA – When Slovak and Italian cook together

06. 04. 2018

At the end of April you can enjoy the taste of the most beautiful Asia provided by our chef Michal Konrád and Italian chef Antonio Vacca. These two gentlemen share much more than just passion...

This Thursday we're closed

06. 06. 2017

Dear customers, We're truly delighted to see you coming back to us regularly to taste our newest dishes and drinks. We therefore would like to inform you that on Thursday 8th of June we have a...

The return all three Fou Zoo legends

27. 07. 2016

Dear guests, surely you remember some of the legendary dishes behind our success; You know, the ones you kept asking for long after they were gone from the menu - The modern hamachi sashimi...

Thai Evening at Fou Zoo

31. 05. 2016

Dear Guests, Our recent trip to Thailand offered countless opportunities to examine new tastes, flavours and ingredients while soaking up the country’s exotic atmosphere for use in future...

We wish you all the best to our birthday!

01. 04. 2016

Dear guests, The most important thing of this spring - celebration of our 6th birthday is approaching real quick. A preparation of our new seasonal menu is underway and you can be the first...

Experience fine dining in the mountains

21. 01. 2016

Dear guests, We’d like to invite you to the culinary event, where you can enjoy our exclusive menu in an ubelievable height of 1.670 meters above sea level. From 28th to 30th of january...

Be the first to experience the new Fou Zoo menu

11. 11. 2015

We have spent long weeks preparing a new menu for you. We have been combining taste and smell, color and emotion to bring you a seasonal menu rife with unique meals and mixed drinks. The...

The first Fou Zoo pop-up restaurant

13. 10. 2015

In late September, we opened our very first pop-up restaurant. Weeks of preparations for just a single evening. Do you want to know how it went? We were given school detention, and in the canteen...

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