Fou Zoo

Pan Asian Restaurant


Be the first to experience the new Fou Zoo menu

We have spent long weeks preparing a new menu for you. We have been combining taste and smell, color and emotion to bring you a seasonal menu rife with unique meals and mixed drinks.

The menu will be officially introduced on November 23rd, but you have the chance to experience it during its pre-premiere.

On Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th of November, we will be introducing new meals in an exclusive tasting menu event. The meals will be paired with drinks underscoring their aroma and taste.

One person tasting menu: 100 €
One person drink menu: 50 € (alcoholic or non-alcoholic option)

There is only a limited number of tickets available, so make sure to book yours as soon as possible. You can do so by phone at +421 901 74 74 74 or by email at We only accept payments in advance.

Tease yourself a little and have a look at the photo below.


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