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New Sunday Brunch

will make each Sunday special thanks to our 7 dish menu for 35 Euro / person. Inviting family members, close and new friends and sharing full table of delicious dishes is the best sign of caring.

Before you enjoy our Sunday brunch it is required to book a table ONLINE, via e-mail or by phone + 421901747474.

Sharing dishes of different taste will make your Sundays extraordinary. Your gatherings will get the right atmosphere of joyful Sundays.

Just for 35 Euro / person you can enjoy our Asian-inspired feast. Our brunch is full of new dishes from January 26th, 2020:

Vietnamese miso soup 200ml

Duck BAO bun 80g

Salmon tartar roll 120g

Avocado guacamole 35g

Mango salad 50g

Picanha / rump cap 100g

Banana donuts 110g



Please, note that it is required to book a table ONLINE, via e-mailom or by phone + 421 901 74 74 74.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Let our new brunch fulfill your gourmet wishes of Asian-inspired feast.

FOU ZOO team



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