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Return of the Legends

Dear guests,

FOU ZOO has been here for quite a while now and during this time, you had the opportunity to find your favourite dishes. Therefore, we have a special menu for November 2019 – RETURN of the LEGENDS.

We are setting up a special menu of the most favourite dishes each week. Dishes that made you fall in love with FOU ZOO. During the next 4 weeks, we will present you with 4 unique LEGENDARY menus that will only be available during one week each. We hope this offer made your day and reminded you of the pleasant time you had (with these legends) in our restaurant.

Price of each menu is 44 Eur per person.


4th to 10th November - book HERE

Duck nigiri 2pcs

Pomelo salad with shrimps

Spicy asian broth

Chilean sea bas



11th to 17th November - book HERE

Salmon sashimi with smoked caviar

Hokkaido soup

Butter fish

Sea bass

Japanese donuts


18th to 24th November - book HERE

Hamashi sashimi

Jerusalem artichoke cream

Daikon salad

Lamb chop

Chocolate ball


25th November to 1st December - book HERE

Snow crab salad

Chillean sea bass

Kazura soup

Chicken breasts

Date cake

Please, accept our invitation and do not miss the extraordinary taste of FOU ZOO LEGENDS offered since the first week of November 2019.


Looking forward to your visit

FOU ZOO team


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