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We have prepared a unique summer menu for you

09. 07. 2015

We have been looking for the essence of summer. The right smell, taste and color. The summer is full of these and still it was not easy to join them into a harmonious whole. We believe, that we...

We’re celebrating our fifth birthday

17. 04. 2015

Dear Guests! On April 22. thru April 24 we are preparing a special celebration of our fifth birthday. We can only say that the menu will contain all the best. We can’t reveal more, because...

We are closed on the Easter Monday

30. 03. 2015

Dear Customers, There will be a change in our timetable. We are closed on the 6 of April 2015 - Easter Monday. We are open as usual on the other Easter days. You can make a reservation then....

New recipes, new combinations, new experiences

13. 01. 2015

While each one of us may have enough wishes for a Happy New Year, at Fou Zoo they are wishing a Happy New Menu from the bottoms of their hearts and they are also gladly fulfilling this wish...

Exclusive private party 16.01.2015

10. 11. 2014

Dear Guest, If you’re not among the lucky ones to be invited to this exclusive private party on Friday January 16, 2015, then please don’t go to the trouble of visiting us. We will be...

Enjoy Thailand flavored with Michelin!

27. 10. 2014

If you have an irresistable urge to taste the highest level of Thai gastronomy and you don’t feel like leaving Europe, you have two options - you either visit Michelin restaurant Kiin Kiin in...

Fou Zoo has prepared autumn in many ways.

16. 10. 2014

Do you know how this autumn tastes served by the best restaurant in Slovakia? Since seasonality belongs to the good manners of a decent restaurant, Fou Zoo has changed its offer and light summer...

You don’t have to have stress for breakfast!

08. 10. 2014

If you’d like to begin the day with a culinary delicacy, it’s best to visit FOU ZOO, currently the most popular restaurant in Slovakia. They have prepared an offer with truly unusual breakfast...

A vernissage full of tastes

10. 09. 2014

Autumn is just around the corner, but rays of sun can be found preserved in freshly harvested crops. FOU ZOO’s creative team, chef Michal Konrád and sushi master Tomáš Lysý, have let...

Do you know what it tastes like when a Geisha dances flamenco?

10. 06. 2014

Probably everyone considering themselves educated in culinary matters has not passed up on the chance to visit the most popular cuisine in our country. Now comes the opportunity of a lifetime....

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