Fou Zoo

Pan Asian Restaurant


Fou Zoo. The place where the wind begins.

FOU is the wind. The wind that is created somewhere between the ocean and the continent. It is a puff of fresh air you can feel but can’t see. It is a passionate embrace of monsoons and a gentle stroke of coast breeze at the same time. It is wishes and desires that are floating free. It is the poetry of an undiscovered continent..

ZOO means to create. The creation and materialization of your own emotions. Breathing new life into all things. Arranging a mosaic of new aromas. Writing stories of new flavors. Composing music of pleasures. Revealing the secrets of all senses.

This is Fou Zoo.

A delightful combination of the best that comes from the sea and the soil. A place where Asian and European cuisine create a perfect harmony, where all gourmet wishes are fulfilled. A place that speaks unknown yet understandable language. A place with the atmosphere of unexpected experiences and new encounters. A place where the wind begins.

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